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Drone Services

Aerial Photography

Our drones enable us to produce high quality photos that can’t be obtained with other aerial platforms. Furthermore the Real-time GPS on-screen display allow us to frame up the perfect shot at the precise height and location you request.

Real Estate Photography

Take your real estate marketing to the next level with our Real Estate Photography & videography using high tech drones. Get the competitive edge you need to show off your property in all its glory. Our aerial photos and video will impress any potential buyers.

Wedding Photography

Capture your special day memories from a unique perspective with amazing shots from the air. Our image-capturing aircrafts are the latest trend in the bridal market and may be just the ticket for scoring cinematic quality aerial footage.

Sport Photography

Drones are a game changer in the field of sport photography & videography. They are able to deliver dynamic camera angles and provide unrivalled access to the game. Due to their size and speed they can follow the action closely in a non-intrusive way.

Drone Shop

Mega Drone Shop Perth offers range of high tech drones including the best Drone for Photography, videography and aerial inspection. Our drones are the latest trend in the market and the best tools for scoring cinematic quality aerial footage.

Event Photography

Consider taking to the skies for your next big event. Our Event Photography service using drones is able to achieve breath-taking high-resolution aerial photos and high definition video by operating in locations that were previously expensive and difficult to acquire.

Mapping and 3D Modeling

Think outside the box with our drone mapping and 3D modelling services. Take mapping into your own hands for urban planning, terrain modelling, large scale mapping, cadastre and much more. We use Pix4D software to get the job done professionally.

Agricultural Drone Services

The use of Drones for Agriculture, farming and crop management is exploding across the world. Drones have a unique advantage in being able to provide live data from a range of sensors to perform in-depth analysis of crop health and more.

Oil and Gas Inspection

Mega Drone’s inspection service delivers valuable high-quality inspection data in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional inspection methods. Our drones are perfect for conducting safe aerial inspections, gathering high quality images from the air.



Mega Drone are your drone photography and filming specialists based in Perth, WA. We provide aerial photography and video coverage for your event, real estate marketing and much more. Mega Drone have become one of the most respected names in the drone industry in Australia. Our clients include the biggest names in their respected industries, many of them repeat customers and referrals. Mega Drone's aerial services include, 360 panoramic and gigapan view study photography; photo back-plates for 3D architectural illustration and visualisation; and aerial photography and video coverage for real estate marketing, Arial photography, event management and much more.

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